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    Fargo: Season 3 review, notes, thoughts

    First of I’ve gotta say they’ve done a fantastic job again on visuals in the snow for third season, which made the show classy and standout from the rest.

    They build up the show so well in the beginning, with dark setting when organized crime shown up, which made me curious and kept watching. Overall was good but somewhat felt they could have done better. Having said that I’m not saying I was disappointed with it, was satisfied watching how things went down. They brought back Mr. Wrench from season 1, and this time we have a cool chick on the show, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing Nikki Swango. However I believe the Russian and Chinese guy could have ended differently in the story, both villain were bad enough at the beginning of the show, then they kind of went down without a good fight.

    If you haven’t watch any episode of third season, I’d say you should. Because you’ll definitely enjoy it like I did. What else have you guys been watching?

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    TV notes

    After recently finish watching the first season of Stranger Things, must say I love the retro background and character settings of the story. Pretty much every episode provided enough curiosity feel of “what’s gonna happen next?”, for me to continue watching it.

    The show also reminded me a bit of the movie The Thing, with similar monster looks. Also similar to the movie E.T. with kids on bikes, with a special friend who has super power. And yes the show is on Netflix.

    I’m currently watching the second season of Mr. Robot, although first few episodes feels slow, not much has happened. In episode 5 Elliot started some hacking action in the beginning of the episode, hopefully the second season will be as good as the first one or better.

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